Hypervisor Streamlines Multiple Sensor Management

2015.10.28 2:57 pm

HGH's new software feature, Cyclope Hypervisor, allows for a more efficient user-experience for critical sites with multiple Spynel units deployed. Smart maps show the geolocation of any and all targets detected by an Spynel units deployed across a network or across the world. 

BOSTON, Oct. 28, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HGH Infrared Systems has introduced a new feature to accompany their advanced intrusion detection and tracking software, Cyclope, with the addition of Hypervisor. Ideal for critical sites where multiple Spynel, panoramic infrared thermal imaging surveillance systems are deployed, Cyclope Hypervisor centralizes all data to offer a global geolocation of all events tracked by all Spynels over a common network or across the globe.

Cyclope, which has benefitted from frequent upgrades since its inception ten years ago, provides users with an automated experience, detecting and tracking an unlimited number of targets-on land, in air, or on sea- simultaneously from all directions. With Cyclope Hypervisor, the system would automatically connect to all Cyclope workstations to pull up relevant data for the user. Some of this data would include: geolocation of all threats and sensors on vector smart maps, or custom local maps; table display listing the last detected events, with their ID, location and timestamp; the threat properties panel displays the target's infrared thumbnails, location and time information; display and filtering of tracks from different modules (PTZ cameras, VMS or ARPA Radar); the notification panel allows the user to configure sound alarms upon detection criteria.

The award-winning Spynel sensors offer a unique 360-degree perspective for wide area applications, the continuously rotating head captures full panoramic, HD images which the Cyclope software then automatically analyzes by detecting and tracking all targets identified. The open architecture, which has always been a mainstay within the Cyclope framework, will remain the same to allow for an easy integration with other existing platforms in place such as command and control, radar and AIS platforms. Cyclope Hypervisor will provide an additional, enhanced layer of centralized security supervision for a network of Spynel sensors protecting some of the world's most critical infrastructures such as: airports, ports, international borders, nuclear plants, correctional institutions and more.

Cyclope Hypervisor

Actual screenshot from the Cyclope Hypervisor feature