Spynel-X for Force Protection

2014.10.06 7:41 am

Why is the Spynel-X a game changer?

Always pushing the detection range for sensors further is a pursuit that a lot of manufacturers engaged with the Army are investing in. But how do we make sure that the enormous amount of data collected over a 10 or 20 km radius can be effectively exploited? In a highly cluttered environment, a high number of detections are to be expected... These detections, although they are not “false alarms”, impair the effective use of the sensor as there is no quick way to discriminate innocuous detections from real threats. The wider the area, the more compounded the issue becomes. Basic classification allows radars to tentatively address this challenge. But there is no better way to quickly assess a threat than a set of eyes.

Spynel-X, with its 8 km detection range for personnel and twice that number for vehicles, provides long range detection and enough resolution to allow for recognition of targets early enough for the operator to take actionable intelligence. Allowing operators to distinguish between animals and humans, a main cause for “false positive”, is something that a radar simply cannot do. A PTZ long range camera is required, which introduced the well-known “soda straw effect”: the inability to focus on more than a threat at a time.

Feedback from operators returning from theater taught us that powerful and expensive technologies, such as sophisticated long range radars, are not always used to provide 360 degree situational awareness: there is simply too much data and operators are overwhelmed. Radars are sometimes used by operators in known “hot zones” instead of the full 360 degree coverage, to reduce the clutter and to allow for a faster scan rate.

Spynel is the technology of choice for situational awareness. It provides an effective, quick, and intuitive way for operators to keep an eye on their whole surroundings and give them enough time, with its high speed rate of 0.5 to 1 Hz, to react and take action before the threat hits.

Spynel-X, World's Highest Resolution IRST