Dec 2006

New compact RCN600N05 blackbody


HGH are launching a new compact high temperature cavity blackbody. This small infrared reference source of 12.5mm dia aperture enables goes up to 600°C temperature. Thanks to its light weight (3 kg), it is the ideal tool for on-site calibration of pyrometers or infrared cameras. Combining high performances and simplicity, this blackbody is THE "low-cost" solution for all maintenance in order to insure reliable thermographic measurements.


Test bench for light intensification systems


Having completed their range of infrared collimators, HGH have developed a test bench for characterization of light intensification systems. LICOL enables measurement of various parameters such as spatial resolution, intensification gain, distortion, field of view, spatial uniformity, alignment... This bench is available in different versions and is compatible with intensification systems of large aperture diameters (up to 300mm).

High temperature camera


HGH now propose two versions of their pyrometric cameras for the visualization of combustion zones: straight or angle sighting. The periscope, which is inserted through furnace or boiler walls, enables sighting of the zone of interest whatever the site configuration is. The periscope sighting is also adjustable towards top, bottom, left or right. The new features extend applications of the pyrometric camera to control of flame shapes in industrial boilers and refinery furnaces, or monitoring of cement clinker cooler inlet zones.