Sep 2006

Extension of collimator range


In their continuous strive for innovation, HGH have extended their IRCOL range of off-axis parabolic mirror collimators to suit entrance pupil dimensions of the various optronic sensors on the market. Standard aperture diameters can reach up to 400mm and HGH have the ability to design customized collimators up to 600mm aperture.

The IRCOL optronic test benches include collimator, blackbody and test software.

Development of infrared hemispheric camera

HGH Systèmes Infrarouges have been awarded the "SafeAround" R&D project financed by the French State. The objective is to come up with an original system for perimeter surveillance of sensitive areas. With designated partners, HGH is to develop and manufacture a high resolution camera for visible and infrared, with a hemispheric field of view.

This new sensor will enlarge the current HGH range of Vigiscan infrared panoramic surveillance cameras.

3D Display


HGH now propose a software extension for 3D visualisation of rotary kiln shell temperatures for the cement industry. The device also enables 3D display of brick and coating thickness. The operator can now move virtually inside the kiln !