July 2009

HGH awarded: Product of The YEAR 2008

Product of the year 2008

HGH, expert in infrared optronics for over 25 years, received the "Product of The Year 2008" award from the prestigious US magazine "NASA Tech Briefs".

This prize was awarded to HGH for their innovative Vigiscan (IR Revolution 360) panoramic infrared camera, which enables surveillance of large areas. Indeed, the performance of this unique system enables simultaneously visualization & detection of all intrusions over 360°.


Latest software features

Intrusion detection on 360 degrees

HGH propose a very flexible offer for VIGISCAN, their thermal panoramic camera. The sensor is available in OEM configuration for integrators or standalone configuration for end users.

The visualization software allows creation of a multitude polygonal detection zones within the 360° image. Detection of intrusions can also be achieved over the full panoramic image. The detection sensitivity and alarm filtering parameters can be fully customized by the operator via user-friendly GUI. Moreover the user can modify at will the display configuration such as number of panoramic image strips, zoom windows, 360° annular view, etc.

All videos can be transmitted in real time via secured networks or through Internet after data compression. The sensor can be remotely controlled from the software (power on/off, elevation adjustment, lens cleaning system....).

Contrary to conventional thermal cameras mounted onto pan&tilt tripods, Vigiscan enables CONTINUOUS day/night visualization, detection and tracking of unlimited number of targets over 360°.

The system can be used for land surveillance (harbours, airports, borders, coasts, industrial sites). The shipborne gyrostabilized version is used for anti-piracy, navigation assistance, sea rescue.

Depending on the model, the Vigiscan system detects one human being in total darkness up to 3km and/or ships up to 15km.

Anne-Marie IDRAC, French Minister of Commerce, visits HGH

Anne-Marie IDRAC, French Minister of Commerce

Accompanied by Michel Aubouin, General Secretary of Essonne's Prefecture, and by Gérad Huot, President of Essonne's Chamber of Commerce, Ms IDRAC visited the company facilities and overviewed the innovative systems developed by HGH. According to her, "HGH is a real technology champion, innovative, and with a huge potential".

The Minister offered HGH the possibility to join her and her staff on their next visit to Latin America in order to enhance export sales which, for HGH, represent already some 80% of annual turn-over.