January 2018 - Thermography

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With industrial thermography, early detection of equipment defects and deficiencies is possible, reducing downtime, breakdown probability and costs of maintenance. Thermography is also instrumental in improving process efficiency which results in considerable savings, profitable both for the companies and for the environment. Thermal scanning and thermal monitoring are used in more and more plants and sectors worldwide. If the benefits of industrial thermography are wide, the solutions must be flexible and innovative to comply with the needs and constraints of all industries.

Industrial Thermography: Who is concerned?

Maintaining a high profit level is impossible for an industry if the equipment is not reliable and efficient in the long term. This is a continued concern of plants using rotary kilns, furnaces, boilers… 

For decades, HGH Infrared Systems has been supplying industries as varied as: cement & lime plants, incineration, pulp & paper, chemical & petrochemical industries, waste recycling plants, power generation, fertilizer industries…

More generally, any user of a rotary kiln will benefit from the use of a scanner; and any high-temperature enclosure can be monitored from the inside using a cooled pyrometric camera.

Flexibility & Innovation to adapt to all applications…

Innovation has always been one of HGH’s top priorities. Not only do we use the latest technologies, but we also keep on developing our products and adding new features to make them as flexible as possible. This allows us to adapt on demand, and to address very specific needs.


Some examples of features contributing to the flexibility of our PYROSCAN cameras: 

Models are available for installation inside or outside the hot area; they can look forward or to the side of their direction of insertion; an ultra-ruggedized version has been developed for highly-corrosive environments: the camera head can be protected by a cover during installation in very dusty locations… LEARN MORE...


KILNSCAN Scanners have also been designed to adapt to all site configurations and constraints:

Their exclusive wide field of view is up to 140°, several scanner heads can be installed along the same kiln or coupled in stereo mode to look around maskings, additional pyrometers are available to look behind small obstacles or compensate atmospheric absorption in very dusty environments… LEARN MORE...


And extensive toolboxes to support the growing need for plant efficiency!


Sensor systems provided by HGH are backed with complete software toolboxes for 24/7 temperature monitoring, automatic detection of hot spots or cold areas, graphical analysis, image and data recording… Specific or exclusive functions such as flame front detection, 3D views, assessment of thermal warp and of coating thickness are available to support specific needs. In order to ease connection and data transfer from HGH equipment to integrated plant control systems, our scanners and cameras can be equipped with a variety of interfaces from dry contacts to OPC protocol !

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